Homily for the Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time (July 24, 2011)

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God’s love, a relationship with God, is the pearl of great price worth selling everything else for. God’s relationship with us is least inadequately imaged by the love relationship between husband and wife. This week is Natural Family Planning (NFP) Awareness week. Marriages where NFP is practiced faithfully have less than a 5% divorce rate.

Homily for the Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time (July 17, 2011)

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The Church is full of saints and sinners. God will separate them at the end of time. Until then we need to fight the spiritual war. We often forget that there is a battle, a war going on. The principalities of good and evil, angels and evil spirits, are battling around us all the time. This spiritual war is not over land, but over souls. That is why we need, especially men, to fight pornography, the using of women as objects, absent fathers (and mothers), the culture of death, the desensitization of our youth to violence, the cheaping or degrading the great gift of sex, and other ills of our society. Chivalry is not dead, nor should it be.


Hello, I decided to do this as a means of getting my homilies out there. I suppose I can possibly use this as a means for sharing with others the gift of being able to go to World Youth Day in Madrid. Even though I’m a geek, I’m new to this blogging stuff. If I get ambitious, I can hopefully share thoughts about technology, politics, and of course religious, especially the Catholic Faith.