Homily for the Thirty-first Sunday of Ordinary Time (October 30, 2011)

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If we want to know ourselves, we must get to know God. If we want to change the world, then we must change and live out our faith. In a society where fathers are disappearing, we need true masculinity.

Homily for the Twenty-eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time (October 9, 2011)

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We are all called to celebrate, to have joy, at the wedding feast of the Sacrificed Lamb (Jesus). However, being a guest means we have to put on the wedding garment. God’s grace is a free gift, but a gift that comes with responsibilities. We must live out the life in accord with the Kingdom of Heaven. We must pray, treat others justly, and love others (but not necessarily like). I also took this opportunity about dressing up for Mass.

Homily for the Twenty-seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time (October 2, 2011)

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October is Respect Life Month. Human life has dignity because of the human soul, a soul that has the potential for rational thought and thus deserves to be loved. A human being has worth because he or she is created in the image and likeness of God. It does not matter if they can produce anything or “add” to society. Each person has inherent worth because of God.