Homily for the First Sunday of Advent (November 27, 2011)

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We spend time remembering Jesus’ first coming 2000 years ago to help us prepare for Jesus’s second coming. Jesus tells us to be alert and to watch. So this Advent, what do you need to ask God to remold so that you are better prepared for Jesus’ second coming?

Homily for the Thirty-second Sunday of Ordinary Time (November 6, 2011)

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We never know when our time on earth is going to end. Therefore we need to prepare our souls for eternity in heaven right NOW. It cannot wait. Steve Jobs at the end of his life wasn’t sure if God existed or not. We need to be sure who and what we believe in. We need to figure that out now; not later. Because we never know when the end may come.

*** I got more compliments on this homily than any of my others.