Bulletin Article for Easter (April 20, 2014)

Alleluia! Alleluia! Jesus has risen!! What a glorious day! We are not doomed by our sin. Death is not the final word. Because of Christ, we can now have eternal life. There is the possibility of more than death, sadness, and sin. Christ is our hope. Christ has conquered death and Satan. He has won the war against evil. This is truly something to celebrate.


We know that Jesus’ resurrection is a historical event. We know it because people who knew Him, lived with Him during His life, saw His death, and conversed with Him after His resurrection. Later, most of them were martyred. Now people throughout history have died for many crazy causes, but no one has endured the pain and suffering many of the martyrs faced. No one faces what the martyrs faced for a lie. No, the only thing that can explain the martyrs fervor is that they really did see Jesus risen from the dead. Besides, the Jewish leaders and the Roman rulers would have had ample reason to prove that Jesus did NOT rise from the dead. Yet, no where is it recorded in history (in the Bible or else where) that Jesus’ dead body was ever found.


John and Peter looked into the tomb and believed. They saw the empty tomb. They saw the burial cloths and believed. They believed that Jesus has risen. Do really believe that a person who looks like you and me rose from the dead and is the Savior of all of us; that He saves us from our sins? Jesus rose from the dead because He loves you. He loves you and wants you to be free from sin and its consequences. He loves you and went through His passion, His death and resurrection for you. What happens when you look at the empty tomb? Are you skeptical or do you believe that Jesus is God and died and rose from the dead because He loves you and wants to give you the grace you need to be holy? Remember the words of Ash Wednesday? Repent and believe in the Gospel. This is the Gospel, the “Good News.” Jesus loves you and died and rose again to free you from your sins and give you eternal life. So repent and believe in Jesus. Grow in holiness.


Happy Easter,

Father Vogel


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