May Trumpet Letter to Parishioners

Jesus has risen!!! And so will our church!!! As you know we have had a very exciting April. As you probably know, on Wednesday, April 9th, at about 4 PM, flames started leaping out of the south sacristy. Thank you to all of you who called it in. You are such a blessing. If this had happened at 4 AM, I probably would have woken up to ashes. Thanks you also to the firemen and the police for all your help and work in those first couple of days. The community at large has been so supportive. Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns. Things are progressing quite quickly. You can check out the progress on Facebook. Just search for St. Gabriel Fire. Just as Christ’s death on the Cross was a horrible, horrible tragedy, the fire was not something we desired. However, out of Christ’s death came His resurrection from the dead and amazing possibility of our salvation. From this fire, the church and community will come out even better than before the fire. We must stick together during this rough time. I know it is tempting to find a Mass that work better into your schedule or is closer, but I strongly invite you to join us on Saturday evenings at 5 PM in Iona. We will no longer be switching Mass times with IHM on Memorial Day weekend. We will continue to have 5 PM on Saturday for St. Gabriel’s in Iona. Mass on Sunday will be 8:30 at IHM and 10:30 at St. Anthony’s. We will continue this schedule until either the church is done or until August 1st.

We are a joyful and a hopeful people. We will continue to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. And we will continue to hope and pray for the resurrection of our church and community.

This month is full of beginnings and ends. We will be celebrating First Communion. What a great gift. To be able to receive the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ. We will also be celebrating graduation of our seniors. Out of the end of their childhood will come the beginnings of their great adventures as adults. We pray that we have taught them the values and morals they need to not only succeed in the world, but even more importantly, to succeed in being holy.

May God bless and keep you,
Father Vogel


2 thoughts on “May Trumpet Letter to Parishioners

  1. Hey Fr. Vogel – Thanks for the update – I should work too but I am happy to nose around your parish. I noticed we receive the “Body, blood, soul, and DIGNITY of Jesus” in the Eucharist… Hehe, I hope our Lord’s Divinity is there too with his dignity! j/k

    • Thanks Pieter for the catch. I changed it. I’m blaming it on my bad typing skills/spelling skills/auto correct. Hope all is well on the other side of the ocean.

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