Homily for the Twenty-ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time (October 19, 2014)

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Bulletin Article for the Twenty-ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time (October 19, 2014)

St. Gabriel’s is starting to look like a church again. The pews are in and screwed to the floor. They look absolutely amazing. The carpet going up the stairs is in. Next week the high altar and the side altars will be installed. On the outside, they found lots of holes in the mortar around the chimney. So hopefully, the leak in that area has been fixed. They have also fixed the tuck pointing in both of the bell towers. They will go around the lower part of the building next.

This week we find out that Jesus is not an anarchist. Kidding aside, what do we owe the different aspects of our lives? Yes, we owe the government some of our money. If we have a job, we need to spend time working or if we are in school, we need to spend time attending class and studying. We need to spend money on food, heat, up-keep of our homes, and up-keep of our jobs. However, do we leave any time and treasure for God? That was part of Jesus’ point. Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and no more. Give God the rest. Maybe God is calling us to re-evaluate how we spend our time and treasure, especially our time. It is often the little things. Do we pray before we eat, even at the workplace or at school? Do we pray at the beginning of the day? Do we pray at the end of the day? Do we spend time volunteering or helping others who are less fortunate than we are? Christ died on the Cross to save us from our sins. He has washed us in the cleansing waters of Baptism and washed clean again with the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. Have we given Him the time He deserves considering how much He has done for us? God loves us. Have we taken the time to love Him back?

Peace of Christ,
Father Vogel

Bulletin Article for the Twenty-eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time (October 12, 2014)

We continue to pray for the farmers. We pray for a bountiful harvests, good weather, and safety. Thank you farmers for your service to humanity. Through your work you feed and provide for human beings all over the globe. What good and holy work you are doing. Thank you and may God’s blessings be upon you.

St. Gabriel’s continues to come together. Most of the Stations of the Cross have been rehung. On the outside and not part of the fire restoration, we are having the tuck pointing patched up in places that need it. That’s what that blue crane thing is. It’s why you sometimes can’t go straight through on Lake Avenue. Remember to check out the progress on Facebook. (St. Gabriel Fire)

Salvation, eternal life, grace, is undeserved, unmerited. It completely God’s infinite mercy that He gives us an invitation to eternal life. Grace is free, but not free. Grace is free, but it comes with a awesome responsibility. The man was not one of the original guests to the wedding party, but he ended up there. But once there, he disobeyed the king by not wearing the wedding garment that was freely available to him. God’s saving grace costed Jesus His life. It will costs us to follow Jesus Christ. So are we willing to pay the price to follow Him?

Father Vogel

Bulletin Article for the Twenty-seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time (October 5, 2014)

It is definitely fall. We had a beautiful weekend, but the weather has definitely taken a turn to the fall. We continue to pray for an abundant harvest and for the safety of our farmers. Maybe someday someone will give me a ride in a tractor.

This past Monday, Jason Evert was in Heron Lake. What a blessed time. Jason gave a great talk to about 400 youth of our area on solid reasons to save themselves for marriage. What a beautiful message about how true love waits. We had eight or so from our cluster go. I wish it had been more, but there are a lot of conflicts this time of year. All I can say is sometimes we have to make tough choices. Choices between things that will last the rest of high school or things that will last for an eternity.

Things are moving along at St. Gabriel. The hardwood is in the sanctuary. The carpet was laid this past week. After that, the pews come back, the high altar and the side altars are put back in, and the organ comes back. We are still looking at late October. There was some hope that it could be done by mid October, but at this point, that is completely unrealistic.

It has been fun in Westbrook. Last weekend (September 28), we baptized Lukas Swenson. This weekend (October 5), we baptized Keegan Jenniges and Brayden Clausen. So pray for them and their parents and families.

This Sunday, we again hear Jesus address the chief priests and the elders. He tells them a parable of the landowner and the tenants. The tenants kill the servants and eventually the landowner’s son. How have we killed the messengers of God in our lives? God gave us a conscience. It is suppose to help us figure out right from wrong. We have a duty to follow our conscience. However, we have a prior duty to form our conscience. This means that we should study the teachings of the Catholic Church so we know not just the morality that she teaches (for teaches with the authority of Jesus), but also why. So I encourage you to study the Bible, to study the teachings of the Church and to follow your conscience.

May you have a blessed week.

Father Vogel