Bulletin Article for Pentecost (May 24, 2015)

This weekend we celebrate Pentecost. This is a glorious day. Jesus loves us and had given us His mercy and forgiveness on the Cross. In the Resurrection, He gives us new life. At Pentecost, He gives us the grace to be witnesses, to give to others the Good News we have received in Christ.

We have been Baptized. As I tell people, in some ways, our Baptism is for us, for our salvation, for beginning the journey towards heaven. In the same way, our Confirmation is for others. In Confirmation we receive the grace to be Christ’s witnesses to the ends of the earth. In Confirmation we are given the grace to share the Gospel with others, to tell others all that Jesus has done for them. Baptism gives us that peace and calm and serenity that comes from knowing we are loved by God and can trust Him. Confirmation, Pentecost, gives us the fire and energy to proclaim to the world the crazy good things God has done for us.

It is good for us to take some time to reflect on our blessings, especially the blessings of our faith. If our faith is truly a blessings, we would want to bestow that blessing on others. Therefore, we should desire to share our faith, by action and word, with others. When you have found true love, you want the world to know, right? We can’t hold it in. We glow and do other crazy things. In some ways, this is how we should be about God.

Jesus went to the Father so that He could send us the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, the Revealer of Truth. We don’t see Jesus face to face anymore, but because He has sent us the Holy Spirit, we can find God not outside, but inside ourselves. Today, listen to the Holy Spirit. Listen to what He is guiding you to do. And rejoice that God loves us enough to send us so personal a gift.

Come Holy Spirit,
Father Vogel

Bulletin Article for the Ascension of the Lord (May 17, 2015)

This Sunday we celebrate the Ascension of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Forty days after Easter, after rising from the dead, Jesus ascended into heaven. Jesus ascended to God the Father. He says He has to go so that He can send us the Holy Spirit.

When a loved one goes away or dies, we are sad. Yes, we keep them in our hearts and minds, but it is less than having them here with us. With Jesus, in some ways, it was the opposite. Even though He ascended and left His disciples so that He could be with the God the Father, by and through the Holy Spirit, He is not just amongst the disciples; He is inside His disciples. He is in their hearts and minds.

This weekend Harrison Victor Larson, son of Jarrod and Kala Larson, was baptized Saturday morning at IHM. Please pray for Harrison and his parents. May Harrison grow to know Jesus Christ.

We also want to congratulate all of our graduates. What an amazing accomplishment. May God bless and keep them as they move into the next chapter of their lives.

If you didn’t hear, I’ve been asked by Bishop Quinn to take over the parishes in Wells, Easton, and Minnesota Lake. At this time they have not told me who is going to take my spot here. Bishop Quinn wanted me to reassure you that he has not forgotten about you. Please pray for the Bishop and the assignment committee that they find just the right person to send.

We are still in Easter. May we continue to celebrate the great gift of our salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord. Jesus Christ has risen! Alleluia!!

Father Vogel

Bulletin Article for the Sixth Sunday of Easter (May 10, 2015)

Hello. Hopefully the nice rain continues. I know we are behind in our annual rain fall. So keep praying that the farmers receive the weather they need for an abundant crop.

This Sunday we continue to celebrate Easter. We celebrate how Jesus died on the Cross so that our sins could be forgiven and thus we could have eternal life in heaven. Jesus did so much for us. His love for us is infinite. That’s why He did what He did. God loved you even before you existed. Yes, God created the universe, but He continues to create even now. And He created you with the help of your (biological) parents.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Today, we take some extra time to thank our mother’s for first giving us life in the first place. With the help of God, your parents created you. For nine months, she cared for you in the most intimate way. After that, hopefully with the help of your father, she fed you, bathed you, and cared for you. What an amazing blessing mothers are. Now, I realize not all mothers are saints. Some have more work to do on the holiness path than others. Still, motherhood is naturally sacrificial; motherhood is naturally saintly. Jesus says in today’s Gospel, “No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for a one’s friends.” Mothers do this all the time.

Early last week I visited a friend of mine and her husband. They have three boys, ages 2, 3, and 5. Great Catholic kids (They were fighting over who got to play being a priest and “celebrating” Mass.) and full of energy. Their need for love, attention, and correction seemed almost constant. Their mother was so patient with them. Still, there was a welcome relief and silence that came when they were all asleep either for nap time or for bedtime. Growing up I just assumed nap time was for us kids and I was not a napper; I didn’t need extra sleep. I now realize nap time was for my mom.

So take some time to thank you mom for all the awesome things she has done for you throughout your life. Then thank God for giving her to you.

Father Vogel