Bulletin Article for the Eleventh Sunday of Ordinary Time (June 14, 2015)

Christianity really is amazing. Some itinerate preacher from 2000 years ago dies on a Cross and rises again. Then 12 people spread His gospel throughout the world. Jesus started with just twelve. In today’s Gospel we hear Jesus compare the Kingdom of God to a mustard seed. It starts off as a small seed, but then becomes an enormous plant. God to do awesome things with just a little. Pray for the grace to give Him at least a little each day.

This weekend Dominic and Angie are getting married in Currie. Next weekend Kendra and Marcus are getting married in Currie and Tyler and Erin are getting married in Fulda. What a glorious time of year. Young new love is exciting. In a society that emphasizes being in the moment, these couples are making a lifetime commitment. Pray for them so that they may have the grace and fortitude to make it through the good times and the bad. Also, pray for those couples that have been together for many years. Even more amazing is the quite, solid, mature love of older couples. Many of them have some great wisdom on the subject of love. Maybe we learn by their example and words.

This week is Ministry Days in Winona. Pray for the leaders of our parishes as we learn how to better serve God’s people. We will try to learn how to make things more exciting, we will try to learn how to use different programs, we will try to learn how to make use of different times of the week, but what it comes down to is each of us taking our relationship with Christ seriously. God loves us. This may not always be apparent, even though the leaders of the Church, but God does. So the question is, “How do we respond to that love?” So pray for us as we learn how to better do the ministry God has called us to.

Next weekend, at St. Gabriel’s we will suspend Confessions on Saturday evening and Mass will start right at 5:00 PM. This is to help facilitate those going to the Fulda Duck Days Parade. I know for those in the parade, this won’t help enough, but there are many other Masses offered in the area Sunday morning. Remember, Christ is our life. Our priorities should be built around worshiping Him. Everything else should come second. We are all learning how to do this better, including me.

Peace of Christ,

Father Andrew Vogel

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