Steph Curry and Lent

I just watched an ESPN video on how bad Steph Curry’s ankles used to be. ( I guess there was some question about whether or not he would ever reach his full potential due to his bad ankles. He ended up having two surgeries on his right ankle within two month. In his rehab, he worked hard to increase his core strength so that he didn’t have to rely on his ankles. He could rely more on his hips and other parts of his bodies to break other people’s ankles with his moves. At one point the journalist notes that Curry would rather have had bad ankles than good ankles. Why? Because without the bad ankles, he would not have remade, re-sculpted his body into arguably the best player in the NBA.

Which brings me to Lent. In the Exsultet that the priest sings at the Easter Vigil, there is a line that says, “O truly necessary sin of Adam, destroyed completely by the Death of Christ! O happy fault that earned so great, so glorious a Redeemer!” Does God want us to sin? No, never! But God used Adam’s sin to send us Jesus. I love these lines. There is so much to ponder and pray about. So much mystery and love contained in these events. Again, did God want Adam to sin? No. But did God use this evil for a greater good? Infinitely so!!!!! As I tell people when I go over Genesis, when I go over Salvation history, God gave Adam and Eve eternal life in the Garden of Eden. Awesome, right? But after Adam and Eve sin, God kicks them out of the Garden. Why? Because the Tree of Life was there. God wanted to spare Adam and Eve the conundrum of living in world filled with evil, disease, and discord for an eternity. Instead God kicks them out of the Garden of Eden, away from the Tree of Life, and allows them to die. But before He does, He promises to send someone who will strike the Serpent (the Devil) in the head. (Genesis 3:16) Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, Adam and Eve, and all of us, now have the opportunity not for just eternal life on earth, but enteral life in heaven, face to face with God, living in the midst of the Trinity, Love Itself.

Because of Original sin, because of our own sins, our own faults, we have received a Redeemer. Yes, we are sinners. But if we let Him, God can use our sins, our faults, to make us into even better sons and daughters of God. We can reach the supernatural potential God created us for. As Father Mike Schmitz said in his Ash Wednesday video (, “The ashes remind us that we are sinners. The cross (of the ashes) remind us that we have a Savior.”

Like Steph Curry, in Christ, our greatest weaknesses can become our greatest strengths. That is the hope and promise that Jesus gives us during this time of Lent. That if we face our great weaknesses with God’s grace, He can turn them into our greatest triumphs.

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