Bulletin Article for the Fourth Sunday of Lent (March 6, 2016)

Fall. Fall back. Spring. Spring ahead. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead next Sunday (March 13th). Also, next weekend is an informational weekend at the seminary in Winona. I don’t believe we have anyone going, but please pray for vocations, that some our sons will hear the call of God to serve His people in the vocation of priesthood.

Yes, we are still having the Apologetics class on Sunday evenings at 7:45 PM. We are down to the last two topics in the book. This Sunday (March 6) the topic is Purgatory. Come and learn about not just what we believe as Catholics, but why. Come find out why Purgatory is one of the most comforting teachings of the Catholic Church.

This Sunday we have one of the greatest stories ever told for our Gospel reading: The Prodigal Son. There are so many layers to this parable. All of us have been all three characters at some point in our lives. We have been the younger son who has it rock bottom, come to his senses, has a conversion, and needs forgiveness. We have all been the father who doesn’t condone the actions of another, but still forgives and loves someone despite their mistakes. We have all been the selfish older brother who has demanded justice instead of mercy for someone else.

God is the loving Father. No matter what we do, God is ready to forgive us. There is nothing that we can do that pushes us beyond God’s love and mercy. God is not going to force us to come back to Him, but He will do everything He can without breaching our free will. God purses and runs after us, so much so that He died pursing us. Have you, especially you women, have you ever desired to have someone pursue you, fight for your heart, be willing to sacrifice everything in order to win your heart? This is what Christ did for us on the Cross. During this Lent, we take some time to reflect on how we have not responded or betrayed God’s radical love for us.

Have a blessed week of Lent,
Father Vogel

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