Bulletin Article for Pentecost Sunday (May 15, 2016)

Hello, Hello,

Things are getting crazy. I have my first graduation party this weekend. Sports are nearing their playoff season. Concerts, Confirmations, and other great things are happening. Spring is such a great time. A busy time, but a great time. Full of endings and beginnings.

Friday, May 13th, we buried John McCallum. Please pray for the repose of his soul. Also pray for his family, especially his wife Mary. They were united in marriage for 67 years. Awesome!

Today we celebrate Pentecost. In some ways, another birth of the Church. Jesus had ascended into Heaven, but now He sent the Holy Spirit to His disciples. Now they were called out to preach the Gospel. We especially receive this gift at Confirmation. I always tell the kids that in some ways Baptism is for you and Confirmation is for everyone else. In Baptism you received the gift of the Holy Spirit, became a member of the family of God, and started your journey towards eternal life in heaven. In Confirmation, you are given the fullness of the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that you can share the Gospel to others. So that you can be a bold witness for the joy that Jesus brings to your life.

On Monday is the St. Casimir spring concert. Also, next weekend, Joshua Stenzel and Tiffany Butcher are getting married. Please pray for them and a lifetime of happiness and holiness.

God bless,

Father Vogel

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