Bulletin Article for the Twenty-fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time (September 17, 2017)


It is a pretty low key week around the parishes this week. I know your lives are not low key. School, sports, concerts, practices. Life can get crazy fast.

Part of the reason why there isn’t much happening at the parishes this week is because I will be in Michigan this coming week. I will be leaving Sunday for Detroit. Monday is the annual Desert Classic. It is Sacred Heart Major Seminary’s annual fund raiser to raise funds to send the first year theologians to the Holy Land for three and half weeks during May. In 2007, I was blessed enough to make the trip myself. I will be seeing some priest friends there at the seminary, especially at the golf event. Then I will visit some other friends in Michigan and spend the last couple of days with my brother and his family near Chicago. It will be a lot of driving, but it will be fun to see the people I only get to see once a year. I will be back in time for Masses Saturday (September 23) evening.

In the second reading this Sunday we hear from St. Paul’s letter to the Romans. Paul talks about who we are living for. He says as Christians, we shouldn’t live or die for ourselves. Rather, we live and die for the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus died and came to life so that we might be God’s adopted sons and daughters. We belong to Him. Whether in life or death, we need to belong to Jesus. Do you belong to Jesus? Yes, you belong to Jesus by virtue of your Baptism. However, that gives you the grace you need to begin your salvation. The question is, are you going to continue to receive the grace from God that you need to get to heaven? Are you living for yourself or are you living for Jesus? If you are not sure, ask yourself what you spend a majority of your time with? What do you spend a majority of your money on? Are we spending it on ourselves selfishly? Are we spending it on eternal things or temporary things? Is Jesus Lord of my life?

Have a blessed week and pray for me for safe travels.

Father Vogel

Bulletin Article for the Twenty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time (September 10, 2017)


How are you guys doing? Life is going great. It’s busy with all the Newman stuff and keeping up with the parishes, but it is a good busy. God has blessed me with this assignment. Thank you for making it what it is.

I’m looking at the calendar and not seeing much. It is probably too late, but just a reminder to join us at St. Joseph’s for Mass at 12 noon on this weekend, Sunday, September 10 with fun activities to follow.

If you are interested, there is a Christian music concert at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Easton. It is a fundraiser to raise money to build a handicap accessible entrance. That is at 2 PM also today (tomorrow), Sunday, September 10.

None of us are perfect. If you think you are, then you’re not. We all sin. We all sin against others that we should love. Jesus tells us this weekend what to do when someone sins against us. He doesn’t tell us to get back at them or to talk about them behind their back. He says we must approach him or her one on one. If he or she doesn’t listen to us, bring in two or three others into the situation and explain to them what is going on based on two or three witnesses. If that doesn’t work, bring him or her to the church. I think the important thing for us today is the first step. So often we chicken out. I think part of it is because our society, and sometimes even our Christianity tells us we need to be tolerant. Yes we need to be tolerant. We need to be tolerant of others. But we shouldn’t be tolerant of their sins. If we truly love them, we should want them to go to heaven, to be holy, to be the best they can be. That means not sinning. So after prayer, after asking God what is the right way to approach someone, we need to hold each other accountable to love, to greatness, to holiness. This also means that when we are on the receiving end, we need to be humble and admit that what we did was wrong. This is usually not easy to do. We need grace and humility. To pray for that each day.

May God bless you and keep you during the start of this fun time of year.


Father Vogel

Bulletin Article for the Twenty-second Sunday of Ordinary Time (September 3, 2017)

Yo, what’s up?

Not much is going on this week. Wednesday, September 6th is our bishop emeritus, Bishop Harrington’s 85th birthday. Next weekend (September 9-10), we will re-consecrate our parishes to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This is something that has been requested by Bishop Quinn. I know you did it at least last year, maybe even before that. What a blessing to consecrate our parishes to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Mary’s heart experienced so much through the life, death, and resurrection of her Son, Jesus Christ. Just as she cared for and loved her Son, so she is our mother too. She cares about us and loves us. She intercedes for us. Her heart and Jesus’s heart are in complete union and synchronization.

This week we hear Jesus rebuke Peter. This is just after Jesus promises to build His Church on Peter. Some would say this is evidence that Jesus wasn’t speaking literally when He said He was going to build His Church on Peter. To me, this just affirms it. Peter is a fallen human being. But with the grace of God, Peter is able to be the rock that the Church needs for its first pope. It is not about Peter; it’s about God. The same should be true of us. Our lives should not be about us, but about God working in and through us. Jesus even says, “Whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. What profit would there be fore one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?” Or as Saint Paul said, “I must decrease and He (Jesus) must increase.” May this be true in our lives.

Peace of Christ,

Father Vogel